Losing Weight with a Diet Shake

It’s very obvious that modern culture has had a negative effect on our waistline. But most people feel that they simply don’t have the time needed to burn off those extra pounds on their bellies.

Modern technology has finally stepped up and provided a solution for this very modern problem. Instead of eating high-calorie meals you can replace some meals with a meal replacement shake or a diet shake. These shakes have fewer calories with more vitamins and minerals which makes dieting easier.

To Shake Or Not To Shake?

Many people have found out diet shakes are the best way to lose weight without having to dedicate a lot of time to make a meal replacement shake. It’ll often just take a minute or two for someone to prepare and drink a weight loss shake. Below are the 3 diet shakes that we think are the best.

310 Shake

310 Shake from 310 Nutrition tends to place a heavier emphasis on protein than many other options. The vast majority of weight loss shakes will contain some protein. There is a good reason to have protein in a diet shake.

310 Shake

Protein is one of the key ingredients that help to promote “fullness.” When people have protein in a meal it’ll often help to reduce overall hunger. This is also true for diet focused shakes. But what sets 310 Shake apart from the rest is the nature of protein used within its formula.

310 Nutrition puts a heavier emphasis on highly bioavailable protein. This diet shake incorporates a type of protein called TriPlex. This makes it ideal for people who are also combining exercise with their weight loss shake use.

TriPlex proteins are a fantastic way to make sure the body is building more fat burning muscle while also burning off excess weight. Additionally, 310 Shake only has 90 calories per serving. For comparison, a medium apple contains 80 calories. Making a high protein shake that has similar calories to that of an apple is an impressive accomplishment.

IsaLean Shake

IsaLean Shake by Isagenix is another popular choice for people looking to lose weight. One of the more notable features is also related to bioavailability. This shake includes active enzymes which can help ease digestion.

IsaLean Shake

This makes it an ideal shake for people who have sensitive stomachs. Even for people who find that they have severely limited food choices, they will often discover that they’re able to handle the Isagenx’s IsaLean Shake.

Another reason why it’s so gentle on people’s stomachs has to do with the ingredients. IsaLean Shake puts an emphasis on natural ingredients. This means that there are no artificial ingredients in this meal replacement shake. One needn’t worry about artificial flavors, sweeteners or anything else.


IdealShake is another popular option. It takes something of a middle path between the previous two options. Instead of placing a heavy emphasis on any one element it tries to consider everything it possibly can.


Obviously, this also comes with some compromises. For example, the calorie count is higher than the 310 Shake. Though it’s only about 10 to 20 more calories per serving. A lot of people comment about how good IdealShake tastes.

In general, IdealShake is perfect for people who feel that they’re going to struggle with any diet. It tries to work as a meal replacement that’s actually enjoyable. This can make many people feel as if they’re still getting a special treat during the day even though it’s actually very healthy.

The Bottom Line

In the end, issues with weight are a modern problem which requires a modern solution. When the average day, by necessity, involves lots of sitting than you will without a doubt start gaining weight.

But these weight loss shakes all represent a modern solution. They’re easy to use, easy to store and even easy to bring along during trips. These shakes represent a way to lose weight and keep it off while not disrupting your routine.